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'Art eases my mind': Englewood teen paints outside, every day, filling her neighborhood with color

Englewood teen paints outside every day, filling her neighborhood with color
Englewood teen paints outside every day, filling her neighborhood with color 02:17

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago teenager is building up a business in a unique way, with a message of perseverance and defiance.

CBS 2's Steven Graves introduces us to this young lady who's filling her neighborhood with color. 

With a swirl of a paintbrush...

"I just think whatever color's going to be best for that, I just do it."

Sixteen-year-old Jasmine Standley mixes paint just right to get the perfect shade to then puts the color to canvas.

"I just sketch it."

In just days, her re-creations of cartoons, celebrities and clothing come to life.

"Art eases my mind not to worry about what's going on in the world and everything."

A world filled with pandemic pressures that made Jasmine start painting more. Also, some fear living near Chicago's Moran Park, where the fight against crime is constant. 

Her block, at the corner of Aberdeen and 57th, has a police camera. But none of it will stop Jasmine from her passion, painting outside in her front yard. Every day. Her visibility has meaning.

"Just because you live in the 'hood, that doesn't mean you reflect off that behavior. Everyone is different. Everyone is not the same in Englewood," Standley said.

Jasmine's mom, Reba Standley said while there is a sense of safety that is gone...

"I worry sometimes. What parent wouldn't worry?"

It's more about what this is able to provide.

"A lot has been taken from these teenagers. A lot. It brings peace to her," said Reba Standley.

And being a sight to see is bringing her community a business.

"It's almost done!"

People are now paying her for a work of art in their space and that motivates Jasmine.

"Doing stuff in the streets, that's not worth it. You've got to go down the right path."

Jasmine is mainly getting orders by people stopping by or word of mouth. You can email her at if you're interested in ordering or want more information about her artwork.

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