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Arkush: Bears Were Never A Super Bowl Team

(WSCR) If you feel like your hopes of the Bears winning the franchise's second Super Bowl this season were crushed after last night's debacle in San Francisco, NFL expert Hub Arkush has a message for you.

According to Arkush, the Bears were never a viable option to represent the NFC in the NFL's biggest game, even before their crushing losses to the Texans and 49ers.

"It's broken," Arkush said. "It's not getting fixed this year. They were never going to the Super Bowl. They're not going now. They probably were never going to win a playoff game. I won't say that's impossible, but I doubt that'll happen, too. I suspect it's one-and-done in Week 1 of the playoffs.

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"With that said, let's not jump off the bridge over last night. It was a wake-up call the last two weeks. We now know that they are exactly who most of us thought they were. They're one of the better-than-average teams that will beat the bad teams, but they're not as good as the good teams. I never really changed my mind about that. I never really expected them to be as embarrassing as they were last night."

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