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Alderman Tunney Releases Results Of Pride Parade Survey

(CBS) -- 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney has released the results of a survey he's taken on what people like and don't like about the Pride Parade and whether the parade should be moved out of the community.

More than half of the 3,400 people questioned said they wanted the Pride Parade to stay in Lakeview. On the question what their top concern is about the parade, the number one answer was, "Nothing. The parade is great the way it is". More than 25 percent of people felt that way.

That was followed by concerns about crime (19 percent) and large crowds/traffic congestion (17 percent).


An aide to Alderman Tunney says the alderman hasn't yet worked out with police and other city departments changes that could be made to improve the parade in the community or have it moved downtown.

When separating out the answers of the more than 2,000 people who self-identify as Lakeview residents, the 44th Ward survey indicates 65 percent believe there are enough police on hand during the parade, but, after the parade, 60 percent believe there are not enough police.

Alderman Tunney says on his web site, "The Pride Parade is a part of Lakeview's tradition but we need a larger police presence after the parade that reflects the size of the crowd and keeps our residents safe".

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