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ACLU Obtains Court Orders To Maintain State Funding To Help People With Disabilities

(CBS) -- The American Civil Liberties Union says it's gotten court orders keeping state budget money flowing to help many people with physical and psychological disabilities, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

ACLU Illinois went to federal court and won orders protecting the services for many people with physical and intellectual disabilities who are in home care.


Associate legal director Benjamin Wolf says that applies without a state budget.

"The principal that applies is that federal law trumps state law, so even though there is no authority under state law for this spending at this moment, there are federal court consent decrees that were designed to protect the rights of our clients," he said.

Wolf says the Rauner administration agrees with that and help for the mentally ill, considered in another case.

There is already an agreement to continue funding for people in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services.

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