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ACLU Disappointed Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Travel Ban

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The ACLU of Illinois is disappointed by the Supreme Court's decision to uphold most of President Donald Trump's travel ban, but says he is remaining hopeful.

The American Civil Liberties spokesman, Ed Yohnka, predicts that the ruling won't have a huge impact in Illinois, however.

"This is a very narrow band of people, who are among the thousands who enter the county, even from those countries that are designated to be part of the travel ban," Yohnka said.


That's because the high court is allowing people with bonafide relationships in the U.S. to continue coming here – claims, according to Yohnka, that most asylum seekers and refugees can make.

"They are linked, almost inextricably, with agencies within the United States. They have been sponsored, they have been in contact, there are arrangements that are made," he said.

Yohnka predicts the court will overturn the ban after hearing arguments in October.

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