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A Wedding Via Video Conference Provides Joy In Troubling Time Of Coronavirus

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dan Kraemer and Linda Feldmann were set to be married when the coronavirus changed lives – and plans – everywhere.

They had a choice – postpone the wedding, or find a creative way to do it now. They chose the latter.

Kraemer proposed to Feldmann last May. They were set to marry next month. But the coronavirus meant a reception was out of the question.

Of course, many big events everywhere have been postponed. But Kraemer had an idea – a "crazy idea," as he calls it.

"Let's move our wedding up, instead of back, and do it safely via video conference," he said.

And that is just what they did. It is a tool used by countless businesses these days of social distancing, and it would bring Feldmann and Kraemer's wedding to their family and friends.

Kraemer's friend, the Chicago White Sox' longtime, beloved organist Nancy Faust provided music. Feldmann's goddaughters were the flower girls.

"Not even a global pandemic could keep you from declaring your love for each other, uniting your lives," said Rabbi Sommer, who co-officiated the wedding.

Sommer and a priest, Father Brost, officiated from their separate quarters - both acknowledging the health crisis that made it necessary do this wedding, this way.

"We thank you for the witness of your all powerful love during this time that has unsettled so many," Brost said.

Feldmann is a nurse. Kraemer is a news producer here at CBS 2.

Their professions were top of mind too.

"Indeed, health care workers are the heroes, but also heroic are the reporters and journalists who are guiding us with accuracy during this very demanding time," Brost said.

Feldmann and Kraemer were going to settle for a celebratory package of Hostess Ho-Hos, until Feldmann's brother and sister in law had a wedding cake delivered.

The newlyweds and their loved ones managed to create a joyous, communal experience - even in a difficult time.

Feldmann and Kraemer said they hoped to spread a little joy. Instead of wedding gifts, they're asking their friends and family to donate to four charities important to the priest and rabbi who officiated Sunday afternoon.

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