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'60 Minutes' Correspondent Scott Pelley On 'Truth Worth Telling'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley is in Chicago to address the Union League Club.

The topic his new book "Truth Worth Telling."

The more than 400-page work is the former CBS Evening News anchor's first book. It's a chronicle of a more than 45 year long career on journalism's front lines.

He begins with a section called gallantry, which he witnessed when 343 New York firefighters ran into the World Trade Center and never came out.

"It was the most wrenching experience of my life to watch the towers come down in front of me," Pelley said. "I fell to my knees when tower number one came down and called out to god and said 'lord, take them all with no pain.' And the next thing I know I'm running. I'm in a crowd of people running. I'm hearing steel hitting street behind me."

Pelley is in the middle of a cross-country book tour promoting "Truth Worth Telling."

And he said we've transitioned from the information age to the disinformation age which makes traditional journalism all the more important for america and the world.

You can watch Mike Puccinelli's entire interview with Pelley by clicking on the video below.


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