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6-Year-Old Boy Fighting For His Life After Piece Of Flying Metal Hits Him In Head During Recess In Southeast Wisconsin

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A little boy is fighting for his life after he got hit in the head while playing outside at school in southeast Wisconsin last week.

CBS 2's Asal Rezaei spoke with the boy's godmother about his condition Monday.

Alex Hook is 6 years old and in first grade. He remained unconscious in a Milwaukee hospital Monday.

His family said one minute, he was playing outside during recess – and the next, he was lying unconscious and bleeding from his head.

Now, he is in critical condition at the hospital.

"Got a phone call that there had been an accident at the school, and she had to get there immediately," said Alex's aunt and godmother, Michelle Koertgen.

Koertgen said Alex's mom got a phone call Friday from Riverview Elementary School in Silver Lake, Wisconsin, just across the Illinois state line. When his mom got there, paramedics were already surrounding her little boy.

"He was unconscious," Koertgen said. "He was having seizures, and bleeding profusely from the back of his head."

It was not clear what happened until the principal checked school surveillance video.

"That's when she realized a person mowing the lawn in the median right across the street, where the kids are, shot a projectile out - and that's what hit him in the back of the head," Koertgen aid.

A CT scan showed Alex had a fractured skull, and he was rushed to emergency brain surgery. Doctors said a part of the metal that hit him was lodged in his brain, and they had to remove a piece of his skull.

In an induced coma through the weekend, the little boy continues to fight for his life.

"The poor child is hooked up to more machines than you can imagine," Koertgen said.

Alex's family said it is a horrible waiting game, and they won't have an answer on Alex's condition, and what recovery look like, until he wakes up.

Alex's family also said while both his parents have jobs and health insurance, it is not enough to cover the medical bills that have been piling up. They have set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who wants to help, and you can find the link here.

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