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19-Year-Old Busted Again For Impersonating Cop

CHICAGO (CBS) --He may be Chicago's most famous phony cop and, he's just a teenager.

At 14 and in the 8th grade, Vincent Richardson tricked the department and worked as an officer for hours, and police say he's at it again.

He wanted to be a real police officer and now Vincent Richardson is sitting on the wrong side of the law as a repeat offender for impersonating a cop.

The latest scene? VCG Uniform on Irving Park Road.

Police say he walked into the store today to try on some gear, cargo shorts and a duty belt. He even flashed his driver's license.

A clerk there apparently got suspicious when Richardson kept repeating he was an officer in Englewood. The clerk Googled him, revealing he'd been pinched for playing cop before.

Richardson was just 14 years old when he'd impersonated a police officer at AJ Uniform store in Mount Greenwood in 2009.

"He looked young enough to play with my two teenage sons," owner Melanie Drexel said at the time. "He was pretty much grabbing the clothes by himself and everything else that he needed."

He showed up at the 3rd Police District, dressed head to toe like a cop, even down to the badge. Richardson tricked police into letting him work as an officer for five hours.

Four months later, police say Richardson posed again, this time as a businessman asking to see a Lexus police say he drove off in and crashed.

Today, police say he used the back door to get away. Next door, the folks frying at Frank's Chicago Shrimp House want to know what plans Richardson may have cooked up for the cop clothing.

"That's scary because you wonder what he was going to do with it," said Annette Collazo of Frank's Chicago Shrimp House.

For the most recent incident, Richardson has been charged with felony impersonation of a police officer. He was due in bond court Thursday afternoon.

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