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More Than A Dozen Hoffman Estates Firefighters Among Those Trapped In Cabo San Lucas

(CBS) -- More than a dozen members of a suburban fire department and their loved ones are trapped in storm-ravaged Cabo San Lucas.

CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports the majority of one shift of the Hoffman Estates Fire Department went there for a wedding, and what happened isn't a fairytale.

"This was going to be a great trip for a lot of the members," said Chief Jeff Jorian.

It was Lt. Tom's wedding and 16 members of his shift are all tolled in Cabo San Lucas after Hurricane Odile.

"They're basically stranded down there, the airports are closed," said Chief Jorian.

Now, other firefighters are volunteering to fill the shifts stranded in the wake of the hurricane. As for his men in Mexico…

"It's bad conditions down there and do whatever they can to get out and get back home," said Chief Jorian.

One text message the chief received from the stranded firefighters read, "It's bad. Food is critically low. We can't leave the hotel. It is not safe at all."

"We are getting desperate. This is the first time there has been cell service, it probably won't last."

"I wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now," Chief Jorian said.

They've now enlisted the help of Senators Durbin and Kirk, who've promised to do what they can get them home. Tens of thousands of tourists are estimated to be stranded.


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