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Young Patriots Fan Booed At NFL Draft

NORTON (CBS) – A 10-year-old Norton boy got to announce a Patriots draft pick at Radio City Music Hall last weekend. It was the chance of a lifetime, but the young fan did not get a warm welcome in New York

"I was nervous," says Brandon Morabito, and who can blame him. He was on national TV, telling the world that with the 28th pick of the sixth round, the Patriots were taking safety Nate Ebner from Ohio State.

"They booed so loud," says Morabito.

Knowing Brandon was a Pats fan, the New York crowd booed, virtually drowning out the fourth grader.

Good thing his parents, Pats season ticket holders, had foreseen such rudeness and warned the youngster.

"When they got loud, he just smiled and got louder and he did a great job," says his mother Jennifer.

Indeed, the 10-year-old shrugged off the hecklers and delivered his lines, prompting one national sports writer to chastise the manner-less crowd for picking on a kid.

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