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Woman, Dog Rescued From Carver Cranberry Bog

CARVER (CBS) - Firefighters pulled a woman and her dog from an icy cranberry bog in Carver on Monday.

The pair was trapped in about waist deep water and couldn't move. Crews were able to get to them using a hovercraft.

Carver rescue
Crews rescue woman, dog from Carver cranberry bog. (WBZ-TV)

Lisa Putney loves to take her dog Ragnar for walks out on the cranberry bog near her Carver home. But on Monday afternoon the snow was so deep they didn't realize they were close to a drainage ditch. Ragnar and Lisa ended up in the freezing water, out of sight.

"The dog fell immediately right down into the water," Putney said. "I knelt down to try and inch my way in to get him and the whole wall of snow gave way and I went right in."

She was deep into the bog in water about waist high and quickly getting into trouble because of the frigid temps, every minute counted.

Ragnar was rescued from a Carver cranberry bog (WBZ-TV)

"I got the dog out, tried to get myself out and that didn't go so well and then thought this is not the way I want to die because I know it's a remote area no one's around," she said. "I probably couldn't have lasted too much longer I started getting real shaky."

She had a cell phone but it was soaked.

"It didn't work at first, I put it in, I calmed down a bit and put the phone inside my jacket and got it dried off and warmed up and then I was able to call 911."

Carver police and fire rushed to the scene with a hovercraft. They couldn't find Lisa but they did spot Ragnar. Within minutes, they were able to rescue them both.

"God was good, the phone worked and EMS got right to me, the officer got right to me," Putney said. "We're here for another day."

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