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Tom Brady's sloppy autographs ruined "Holy Grail" items, sports memorabilia collector says

Massachusetts man says Tom Brady’s autograph ruined prized memorabilia
Massachusetts man says Tom Brady’s autograph ruined prized memorabilia 02:03

METHUEN - Tom Brady's sloppy autographs on some prized items have allegedly cost a sports memorabilia collector in Massachusetts thousands of dollars.

"I had four pieces that are like my Holy Grail of Brady," Glenn Gagnon of Glenn's Stadium Heroes told WBZ-TV. "I had something that nobody has."

Now Gagnon has something nobody wants. The Methuen memorabilia collector and dealer says some of his most prized New England Patriots possessions have been botched by Tom Brady.

"Everybody has an idea of what Brady's autograph looks like," he said, pointing to an older, recognizable autograph. "I know people get sloppy over the years, but you could recognize a TB."

Tom Brady autograph
Glenn Gagnon's autographed Tom Brady seats. Blue seat recently autographed is from Kraft suite at Gillette Stadium.  CBS Boston

Instead, Gagnon got back a scribbled seat; One of four items he paid to have signed at a Miami conference. One hundred VIPs paid $3600 per autographed item - many of which were already investments to own.

"These are the game used shoes from 2018. They're TB12s. That's how he signed them. You can't even get a B out of that. $7200 for this, which is nothing," he said.

Tom Brady autograph
Glenn Gagnon's autographed Tom Brady cleats CBS Boston

Autographed items cannot get authenticated    

His friends from Grails Collectibles in Nashua brought footballs, and twelve other items to be signed, spending more than $54,000 for items they now can't get authenticated.

"We brought them in to see if [Beckett] would accept that as a Brady autograph. We got rejection letters. It's not Brady's signature even though he signed him," Gagnon explained.

Tom Brady autograph
Tom Brady autographed ticket from Foxboro Stadium CBS Boston

The tickets did include a photo with Brady, who also gave a speech. An EXMA Global spokesperson defended the situation, saying: "It was the best event and the best experience I've ever had in my life."

But fuming fans feel totally duped.

"These are just scribbles," Gagnon said. "This is not what I wanted."

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