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Boston Unity Soccer meets with residents about White Stadium renovation plans

Boston Unity Soccer addresses concerns about White Stadium renovations
Boston Unity Soccer addresses concerns about White Stadium renovations 02:20

BOSTON - Plans to renovate a historic stadium moved forward as investors of the project hosted their own community input session Tuesday afternoon. 

Last year, the city of Boston announced plans to bring in Boston Unity Soccer. The professional women's soccer team is currently offering to cover half of a public-private partnership worth $100 million to renovate White Stadium and the surrounding area. The stadium currently houses athletic events for Boston Public Schools. 

Over the past few months, the city has held a series of public input sessions. The proposed renovations have been met with mixed reviews by residents. A lawsuit was filed earlier this year aimed at stopping the development, but a judge ruled the process could move forward as the suit makes its way through court. 

"We are listening. The city is listening."

"We believe deeply in the power of sport, especially women's sports, to be a force for good on and off the field," said Boston Unity Soccer Partner, Jennifer Epstein. 

White Stadium rendering
Rendering of proposed renovations to White Stadium in Boston NWSL Boston

On Tuesday, the group held their own public input session where residents could ask lead investors questions one-on-one. "All of this participation by the community continues to make this project better and better," she said. "We are listening. The city is listening. There are a lot of changes being implemented in our plans." 

Pamela Jones is one of the people who signed onto the lawsuit but says she is in favor of the proposed renovations. Jones said her issues are with the city and their handling of this process. "I am upset about the way the mayor, the city of Boston, went about involving the community members," Jones said. "It was like, this is what it is, take it or leave it. That did not sit well with me." 

Jones said she had attended nearly every public input session the city has held on the development and has worked to learn more about how this project will impact her family and community. "There are going to be a lot of changes with this project, and I think everyone should have a voice. We can all find a medium to agree on what is best for the community and also the Boston Public School students."  

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