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Weekend Storm Looking A Lot Weaker

BOSTON (CBS) - Skipping all the mumbo-jumbo on why this storm has become so difficult to predict and what is going on in the atmosphere, here are our current thoughts for this weekend:

- This is not going to be a major impact storm for Southern New England.
- This is not going to be a Nor'easter.
- Snow amounts will be lighter than previously forecasted, with very little impact from wind and very few (if any) coastal issues.
- The storm is now forecast to be weaker and further south than previously predicted.

Light snow could be in the air anytime during Saturday afternoon, but it will not accumulate or have any real impact during the day.

Saturday night, steady wet snow will arrive, but even then it may only accumulate on top of old snow and not on the roads right away.

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Temperatures will be very close to freezing, if not a few degrees above in most locations. During the night, the rain/snow line will get as far north as the Mass Pike and Boston, meaning it will be all rain in southeastern Massachusetts at that point.

During Sunday morning, the rain will change back to snow from north to south. It will likely snow lightly most of the day on Sunday.

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I do not believe that this will be a very disruptive storm on Sunday. In fact, you will likely be able to go about your day - as long as you don't mind driving in a bit of snow. There will be very little wind, no coastal threat and reasonably good visibility.

When all is said and done, the trained snow measurer will likely total up 3-6" from Boston and to the north and west.

But we are talking about nearly 24 hours of precipitation and only 4 or 5", some of which will compact down and melt due to the heavy, wet consistency.

South of Boston I would expect anywhere from no accumulation at all to a maximum of 3".

The compacting and melting will make it look like much less.

So my guess is that by Sunday night most of you will be saying, "What was all the fuss about? That was no big deal."

I think most of us will take that as a victory on the third weekend in a row with snow in the air.

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