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Mobile Registration Centers Make TSA-Pre More Accessible

HUDSON (CBS) - It feels like the airport lottery, when you randomly get that TSA Pre✓ logo on your boarding pass even though you haven't registered. "I have and it's very nice," one traveler told us at Logan.

Now, TSA is gradually cutting back on those freebies, which allow travelers to sail through lines without the hassle of taking of their shoes, or pulling their laptops out of their cases and placing them in a bin. "It never really made sense to me because when you give the freebies you don't know who you are letting in without checking them," another traveler told us.

TSA-pre allows people to avoid removing shoes, belts and light jackets. (WBZ-TV)

"The goal is to enroll as many people as possible in TSA Pre✓," explained Elizabeth Marshall who works for Idemia, the company contracted by the TSA to do background checks for those enrolled in the program.

To help reach that goal, the company's subsidiary, IdentoGO, is building two huge RV's to register people just about anywhere, like NFL games and music festivals. "We are looking for places that have the demographics of the folks that would make sense to be in the TSA Pre✓ program," Marshall explained.

TSA-pre bus identoGO

The RV's are being customized at Turtle Transit in Hudson. They will have all the equipment needed to fingerprint and do FBI background checks on anyone with the proper identification; a passport is easiest.

"Full enrollment, from soup to nuts, is about ten minutes," Marshall explained. "If you pre-register online its five minutes."

Soon, travelers will also have another option to find a convenient place to register. IdentoGo, has partnered with Staples, to place registration centers inside dozens of stores. The Staples locations in Brighton, Burlington and Danvers should be up and running by the end of the summer.

Click here to punch in your zip code to find the nearest location to register for TSA Pre✓.


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