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Troy Brown Shares Not-So-Fond Memories Of Michael Felger In Patriots Locker Room

BOSTON (CBS) -- Troy Brown joined Toucher & Rich in studio on Tuesday to discuss his new book, "Patriot Pride: My Life in the New England Dynasty."

The Patriots Hall of Famer discussed a wide variety of topics from his long NFL career but toward the end of the interview, Rich Shertenlieb got curious about who was "the most intolerable member of the media" during Brown's playing days.

"Oh, your guy here, Michael Felger," Brown answered quickly. "They wanted to fight him, man. Oh my gosh, it was bad with him."

Patriots fans might not be stunned by this news.

Felger, of course, used to cover the Patriots for the Herald way back when, and he now sits alongside Troy after every Patriots game on TV. Troy said he never had personal issues with Felger, but some of the louder players in the locker room tended to express their polite disagreements with Felger on a regular basis.

"Michael Felger was the guy that most guys just wanted ... his hair was always perfect, he was a pretty boy thinking he was GQ with his cardigan sweaters on and stuff, argyle socks, and the penny loafers, and always just looking for that negative side of the player and ready to blast on somebody," Brown recalled. "I think guys wanted to just punch him right in the face."

Watch Brown share old Felger stories in the video above, and listen to the full interview below:

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