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Trent Dilfer has a bad take on Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers

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Sports Final: How will Patriots honor Tom Brady? 02:34

BOSTON -- One time, about eight and a half years ago, Trent Dilfer had a bad take on Tom Brady and the Patriots. He had to wear that one for a while.

Now here in the year 2023, Trent Dilfer is back with yet another bad take involving Tom Brady.

As far as takes go, it's not great.

As part of a new 30 For 30 on the 2000 season for the Baltimore Ravens, the quarterback of that championship teams shared his thought on the work and accomplishments of some other quarterbacks. Again, as a warning, it's not a great take. But here it is.

"The modern day game does not impress me," said Dilfer, who threw 113 touchdowns and 129 interceptions in his career. "It's super easy when you don't get hit as a quarterback, and when you can't reroute receivers, and when you can't hit guys across the middle. I love Tom Brady, I love Aaron Rodgers, I love these guys. It's not impressive. What's impressive is what they did [pointing to Ravens teammates]."

Look, you were warned that it wasn't a good take. Nobody bears responsibility for your ingestion of this take except for you.

With that in mind, you can also watch Trent Dilfer deliver this take: 

As noted ... it's a bad take.

It's kind of beyond the need for explanation, right? Like just about everyone who's graduated kindergarten can know very confidently that Tom Brady actually had an impressive career. Right? Same goes for Aaron Rodgers. Though Rodgers only has one Super Bowl compared to Brady's seven, he's been a wizard at quarterback for almost 15 years.

It is worth noting that Dilfer didn't play in the '70s or anything like that. He's five years older than Tom Brady. Seven of Dilfer's 13 NFL seasons took place while Brady was an NFL player, too. The 2007 season was Dilfer's final one in the NFL. He threw seven touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Brady threw 50 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Look, this will come across as a controversial stance, but I'm nevertheless going to bravely state it for the record: That was pretty impressive.

From the time Brady entered the league in 2000 until Dilfer retired in 2007, Dilfer threw 43 touchdowns and 49 interceptions. As previously noted just one second ago, Brady threw more touchdowns in one single season.

Of course, Dilfer wasn't saying that his career was more impressive than Brady's or Rodgers' career. But you'd think that someone who played in the league at the same time as these guys and struggled mightily throughout his career would have some respect for the difficulty of playing the position.


Trent Dilfer delivered a take, and it was bad. Congratulations to him.

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