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Tom Brady Sr. Wants His Son To Wear A Mask More Often

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's funny that no matter how successful and famous someone may become, he'll still be his father's son. Always and forever.

And in the case of Tom Brady -- six-time Super Bowl champion, ageless, world-famous quarterback -- that's very much the case. Tom Brady Sr. made sure that was known prior to his son's 10th Super Bowl appearance.

In an interview with NFL Network's Andrea Kremer about his and his wife's battles with COVID-19 this past September, Brady Sr. was asked if he's spoken to his son about wearing a mask more often. The tone of the elder Brady made it clear that he's been rather vocal about this request.

"Yes," Brady Sr. abruptly answered when asked if he talks with his son about wearing a mask.

Brady Sr., of course, has a very good reason for concern. COVID-19 sent him to the hospital in September, and he came very close to needing a ventilator to breathe. He recovered and returned home after a long stay in the hospital, and he obviously came away with some strong feelings about masks.

"It's serious. I mean, if we're not wearing masks, we're really missing the point," he said in the interview. "You know what? He's 43 years of age. We keep harping on it. Frankly, he thinks his body, with ... he probably takes 45 pills a day. So far, God willing, he's still healthy. But the answer is yes, we do [tell him to wear a mask]."

Brady Sr. recently revealed that he and his wife were sick with COVID-19 in September, but he went into some more detail with Kremer.

"I had pneumonia as well as COVID. They were pumping me with oxygen. [They said], 'If your lungs don't absorb the oxygen, then we're going to have to put you on the ventilator.' It was a harrowing experience," Brady Sr. said.

"I just wanted to survive," Brady Sr. said.

Galynn Brady, who was also fighting the illness but didn't require hospitalization, said that the matter weighed heavily on their son.

"I think he called the hospital every morning. His dad is his hero, so I know he was worried," Galynn Brady said.

Fortunately for the Brady family, both Tom and Galynn recovered. And at Super Bowl LV, they'll be reunited with many family members that they hasn't seen in quite some time.

"I'm jumping out of my skin, getting back there to see these kids and grandkids," he said. "That's one of the great benefits of this weekend for us is being able to get together with our family that we haven't been able to give hugs and kisses to for a year."

And if the Bucs come out victorious, expect a postgame hug between Brady and his father, the man he considers to be his hero. You might also expect the elder Brady to get in his son's ear about putting on a mask.

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