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Tom Brady Was Once Bitten By A Military Dog At Patriots Training Camp

BOSTON (CBS) -- We're learning so much about Tom Brady this week.

The Patriots quarterback is in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII, and an interesting tidbit that many didn't know before this week is that his mother called the land of 10,000 lakes home when she was a girl. We've learned that Brady once tried chewing tobacco as a kid while visiting family in 'Sota, and it didn't end very well.

But that's nothing compared to what we found out on Wednesday. During his session with the media, Brady was asked by WBZ-TV's Steve Burton if he had ever been bitten by a dog. What's wild is that isn't even the craziest question Brady has been asked this week, but it got a pretty great story from the quarterback.

It turns out it's happened twice over Brady's 40 years of existence. It first happened when he was a kid, when a pooch got Brady in the face as he tried to give it a kiss. The second bite, which occurred during Patriots training camp, left a pretty mean scar on Brady's leg.

According to Brady, Patriots owner Robert Kraft had invited military members to watch the team practice. When the players were done with their day of work, Brady and others went to the middle of the field to greet the vets. Brady didn't see there were also dogs present, and raised his arms up. That was a big no-no around these trained animals.

Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots Media Availability
Tom Brady shares a story about being bitten by a dog at Patriots training camp. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Once Brady raised his arms, one of the dogs jumped up and tried to bite at his neck. The animal's handler was able to pull the dog back, so luckily, it didn't rip apart Brady's throat. Instead, it got Brady's thigh.

Surrounded by his teammates and military members, Brady acted tough and shrugged it off, like he has with hundreds of thunderous hits throughout his career.

"I was standing there with a bunch of tough guys and they all saw it. They asked if I was OK and I said, 'of course I'm OK.' But I could feel the cut. Obviously, I couldn't say anything because I was with the toughest guys in the world. So I just sucked it up," he said.

It wasn't until later that evening that Brady told the Patriots' team trainer he had a problem. The trainer wasn't too pleased to hear about what happened, but sewed Brady up and he was on his way. It was quite the learning experience for the quarterback.

"I have a nice little scar on my quad thanks to that night. I learned a very valuable lesson," he said with a smirk.

It hasn't scared Brady away from dogs, as he owns three: Fluffy, Scooby, and Lua. And fittingly, New England's next opponent is the Philadelphia Eagles, who are taking on an underdog persona as they head into Super Bowl LII. Many Eagles players donned dog masks on the field following their NFC Championship win two weeks ago, embracing their status against the mighty Patriots.

Brady and his teammates will find out if their bark is as bad as their bite come Sunday.


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