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Swampscott teen rescues injured man from water near TD Garden

Swampscott teen rescues injured man from water near TD Garden
Swampscott teen rescues injured man from water near TD Garden 01:55

SWAMPSCOTT - Swampscott High School senior Finn Conner says he saw a man in need and knew he had to help. "It wasn't so much a decision. It was what happened at the moment," he said. "I just thought it was the right thing to do."

Last Friday night he and his dad had just left the Celtics-Bulls game at the TD Garden and were walking toward Charlestown about to cross the bridge when he heard a man call for help. 

That's when he saw someone trying to save an unconscious man from drowning in the water. Finn did not hesitate. "I run down the bank, I wade out into the water, maybe five or ten feet out, and I just sort of grab him to support him just trying to pull him to the shore," Finn said. 

Finn's dad Ryan Conner said it all happened so quickly. "Because he's significantly faster than me he was already in the water before I got to the bank. I could see them dragging this kid in who looked lifeless to me at the time," Ryan Conner said. 

When they pulled him out Finn helped lay the man on his back. The 18-year-old says the man was in bad shape and was bleeding from his head. "It was difficult it's such a tricky spot right there because the rocks are so slippery," Finn said. 

Finn says moments after he pulled the man onto the rocks EMTs arrived and took over the situation. It's still unclear what caused that man to fall in the water. 

"I am very proud. Finn has great instincts to help people and he reacted in the moment super-fast," Ryan said. 

The man eventually gained consciousness. He was taken to the hospital and is recovering. 

"I'm glad I was able to help someone," Finn said. 

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