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Stolen SUV Found In Worcester With Graffiti, Pot, Apology Letter Inside

WORCESTER (CBS) – An expensive SUV was stolen outside a home in Worcester and found days later covered in graffiti. It also had a sarcastic apology note inside.

Making matters worse, a woman lost her job because of the theft.

The 2014 Audi SUV was stolen from an apartment complex on Poplar Street in the early morning of July 17.

Three days later, on a Saturday night, it was found abandoned on Highland Street with it's hazard lights on. The interior was covered with graffiti.

Worcester stolen car graffiti note
The graffiti inside Jose Flores' SUV. (Photo credit: Early's on Park Avenue)

"The car was destroyed inside. There was graffiti everywhere. The car smells like marijuana," owner Jose Flores told WBZ-TV.

There was also a note left behind for the owner.

The letter read, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Needed to borrow for emergency situation... Life's rough, you understand."

It also went onto ask why the keys were left inside the Audi, but Flores said he doesn't remember them being in the car.

Worcester stolen car graffiti note
The note left inside Jose Flores' SUV. (Photo credit: Early's on Park Avenue)

"You don't damage people's property and apologize. I think they were trying to insult us," Flores said.

To make matters worse, his wife was fired from her job when the thieves took some confidential health documents that were left in the SUV.

"If they had fun, good for them, but I will press charges to them because this is not something fun. They need to learn their lesson not to take people's property and damage them," Flores said.

There have been no arrests at this point in the investigation.

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