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Southboro Teenager Says World Series Mob Nearly Flipped Her Car

BOSTON (CBS) --- It was in the 700 block of Boylston Street last Wednesday night.

Two college sophomores from Worcester on their way home from a concert say they thought they were going to be killed or injured.

"I did not know what to do and I was panicked and terrified," Tess Anketell of Southboro says. She told her story exclusively to WBZ TV.

Anketell says she was frightened for her life and she captured those moments on her cell phone. Last Wednesday night, she and her roommate happened to be some of the un-lucky stuck in traffic on Boylston Street as the Sox won the world series. Suddenly they were surrounded by a mob..banging and climbing on her car.

Her video shows people hitting the car with their fists and screaming.

Tess says " the whole car was shaking. We were just terrified, my first thought was to try and get out of there."

Her cell phone video shows the two young women screaming as the crowd moved over her car. The family says the car is brand new and if you look closely you can see the roof is dented and scratched, the front hood looks like someone was jumping on it, and the front head light has been kicked out. The family says there is thousands of dollars in damage.

"I was afraid," she said. Tess says her roommate was " was screaming, we were just freaking out the whole time."

Tess says at one point some guy tried to encourage the crowd to flip over the Volkswagen .

On the video you can him yelling, 'flip the bug, flip the bug."

Tess says they started to rock it "and they were shaking it and banging on it so I would not have been surprised if they had flipped it."

Video from the WBZ-TV chopper shows the crowd moving down the street that night.

Tess says Boston Police told her they believe the same mob is responsible for flipping over a car a few minutes later, a few blocks down.

Boston police say they are investigating.


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