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Weymouth Level 3 Sex Offender To Be Cited For Using Library Computer

WEYMOUTH (CBS) -- Quincy Police said a level-3 sex offender who recently moved back in with his parents after his release from prison violated a city ordinance by using a library computer on Saturday.

Richard Gardner, 49, served 28 years for the kidnapping and rape of three boys in the 1980's. He registered as a sex offender when he was released and moved back in with his parents on Chandler Street in Weymouth.

Police said he was found using a computer at the Thomas Crane Public Library on Washington Street in Quincy around 11:23 Saturday morning after a librarian reported him to police.

He was told that he would be summonsed to court for violating a city ordinance that says sex offenders are not allowed in schools, libraries, or day care centers without express written permission from the premises.

He is one of seven level-3 offenders living in the town, and residents say they are on edge because the neighborhood Gardner's moved back into is full of children.

"There's a child there, a child here, there's children there, and I think nobody's safe," resident Kathleen Fay told WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Lana Jones.

Kristan Wirtanen says that she saw Gardner peering over a fence and looking into her living room, on the same day she and the rest of the neighborhood learned Garder had moved in and was living on the corner.

"I think that there should have been stronger limitations on where he was going to be allowed to integrate again," Wirtanen said. "I mean, he's in a neighborhood full of kids."

Weymouth Police posted a community notification about Gardner to their Facebook page last Thursday.

Level 3 Sex Offender Community Notification Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law the individuals classified as Level...

Posted by Weymouth Police Department on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fay says her 10-year-old daughter can't sleep at night knowing that Gardner is living just a few doors down. She says she's doing what she can to protect her family.

"I own a rottweiler. I have a firearm. I have an alarm," Fay said. "There's nothing more I can do."

Police have been called to the area several times over the last few days, but so far, according to the police log, it's just been for area checks. The only reported incident was when someone threw a rock at the Gardners' front window.

"I would say that he would probably repeat those offenses, and I hope it doesn't take another child to get hurt for him to be back in jail," Wirtanen said. "I feel that he should be back in jail."

So far, Gardner is complying with the law, and Quincy Police said he is not currently wanted.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Lana Jones reports

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