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Parent, 2 Children Rescued From Salisbury Beach Rip Current

SALISBURY (CBS) – Two children and their parent were rescued Thursday afternoon from strong rip currents at Salisbury Beach. Emergency calls came in around 1:30 p.m. A man and woman went into the water and helped bring them to shore.

The children were around 10-12 years old. They were all checked out on scene by EMTs and sent home.

No lifeguards were on duty as the season officially starts this weekend.

Up the coast at Hampton Beach, lifeguards are getting ready to watch over all the beaches, which open Friday. They're warning families about safety heading into summer.

"A lot of those flat lull areas can be rip currents," said Chief Lifeguard Patrick Murphy. "That are very inviting to a family, maybe doesn't look as rough, but those areas can turn out to be a rip current."

Murphy says swimming parallel to shore is the safest bet in the unpredictable ocean.

"Go to a beach where there is a lifeguard and if you can't, and you go to the beach where there is not one, know your swimming ability," Murphy said. "If you are not a proficient swimmer, do not go past your waist."

The state of Massachusetts is actually experiencing a lifeguard shortage following the worst of the pandemic. The state put out a call asking for lifeguards to apply to protect state beaches and pools.

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