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Report: Red Sox Still Haven't Reached 85 Percent Vaccination Rate

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Red Sox have a significant COVID problem at the moment.

After Enrique Hernandez tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, the team has had Christian Arroyo, and Martin Perez have also tested positive, while Matt Barnes has been placed on the COVID list. Additionally, coaches Kiyoshi Momose and Ramon Vazquez tested positive, and reliever Josh Taylor is away from the team after he was identified as a close contact.

With the Red Sox fighting to maintain their position in one of the AL's wild-card spots, the impact of this outbreak could be significant.

And it may continue to be a problem through the end of the year. The Boston Globe's Peter Abraham reported that the Red Sox still have not reached the 85 percent vaccination rate -- a rate which MLB set as a threshold for relaxed rules and protocols.

Abraham said the Red Sox are one of just six MLB teams to come up short of that mark, which factors in players, coaches and staff.

"[Red Sox manager Alex] Cora, who has been a staunch advocate for vaccination, was once optimistic the Sox would clear that mark. But in recent weeks he seems resigned to the idea they won't," Abraham wrote. "That has been an embarrassment for the organization all season but now it's something that could contribute to keeping them out of the playoffs."

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