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Report: All Patriots Continue To Test Negative For COVID-19

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots managed to play their game on Monday night in Kansas City, but they're not out of the woods just yet. With an indeterminate incubation period for COVID-19, it still remains possible that one or several of Cam Newton's close contacts ends up testing positive for the virus.

For now, though, the Patriots are in the clear. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported after the Patriots' loss to the Chiefs that all of the Patriots' COVID-19 tests came back negative on Monday.

That much might have been assumed, because 48 players plus an entire coaching staff were all on the field for the game against the Chiefs. Yet Schefter's reporting seemed to indicate that the lab tests came back either during or after the game, with no positive shown. That should come as welcome news all around, but especially for the Chiefs, who must have had some uncertainty about playing against a team for which the starting quarterback tested positive just three days prior.

Of course, the negative tests are extremely positive news for the Patriots, who -- along with the NFL -- are hoping against hope that the virus is contained to just Cam Newton. That the quarterback is reportedly asymptomatic gives the team some hope that this issue ends up being a minor blip in the season.

At the same time, given everything that doctors know (and don't know) about this coronavirus, it's not yet time to exhale in relief. Looking at either the Tennessee Titans outbreak or the outbreak among the White House inner circle, it's clear that some people do not produce positive tests for COVID-19 until days after exposure. Any players and coaches who were in close contact with Newton on Friday can't feel full relief until two weeks have passed, most likely.

For now, though, all remains good in terms of the Patriots' control of the coronavirus.

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