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Postcards Warn Worcester-Area Residents Of Convicted Hit-And-Run Driver

MILLBURY (CBS) - When residents of Millbury and Sutton pickup their mail in the next week or so, they are going to find a small postcard inside asking them to call 911 if they see a particular area resident drinking or driving.

Arthur Scanlon has been out on parole after his conviction in the 2010 hit-and-run crash that killed Robert Quist near Quist's home in Worcester.

Now, Quist's son David wants to make sure no one has to suffer the pain his family has gone through. He is sending out thousands of postcards to warn people.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Lana Jones reports


On one side of the postcard is a photograph of Scanlon with the words, 'call 911 if you see this man driving.'

On the back, a list of Scanlon's motor vehicle convictions, orders from the court that he not drink or drive and the probation violations that led a judge to order a GPS monitoring device and a device that remotely checks his blood alcohol content for the duration of probation.

His probation ends in 2022.

On Wednesday, the company responsible for sending out the postcards told Quist the United States Postal Service has said the postcards need to be in an envelope before they are sent, Quist told WBZ-TV.

Quist plans on doing that and sending them out as soon as he can.

Millbury Police Chief Mark Moore says he has never seen anything like this but the information is true and available through public record.

Scanlon's lawyer told WBZ NewsRadio's Lana Jones his client does not have a comment but he is deeply remorseful about the crash.

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