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Police search for owner of severely emaciated dog found in Brookline

Severely emaciated dog found in Brookline
Severely emaciated dog found in Brookline 00:54

BROOKLINE - Police are searching for the owners of a several emaciated dog that was found in Brookline last week. 

Brooke will be available for adoption once she has recovered. MSPCA

Three-year-old Brooke was discovered near Newton Street and was immediately brought the Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain.

"She weighed about 10 pounds, when really she should weigh at least 20," explained Vice President of the MSPCA-Angell's Animal Protection Division Mike Kelly in a statement. 

She is currently being stabilized in the ICU. But staff say she is an extremely sweet and friendly golden retriever mix.

"It's always hard to see loving animals like Brooke suffer so much," Keiley added. "We want to know how it got to this point, and we need people's help to do that."  

If you'd like to adopt Brooke contact the MSPCA at 617-522-5055. 

Anyone with information about her owner is asked to called police at 617-522-6008.

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