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PMC Rider Seriously Injured In North Attleboro Bike Crash

NORTH ATTLEBORO  (CBS) – A beautiful Saturday morning turned frightening for two Pan-Mass Challenge riders in North Attleboro.

Police say one rider got distracted and accidentally careened into an utility pole on Ellis Road.

The man suffered severe chest trauma and a collapsed lung.

North Attleboro Fire Department Paramedic Rich Burns was one of the first to respond and helped saved the man's life.

"It's called a needle decompression to relieve any respiratory distress," he said, referring to the medical equipment used on the injured man.

Joe Cerce says he came out of his home when he heard the biker shout for help.

"The man was in terrible shape screaming in a lot of pain," he said.

It was a busy day for paramedics. As they were busy helping the bicyclist who hit this pole, another rider was also experiencing a medical problem.

"He identified he had chest pain, which stressed our resources," Burns says.

"It was chaos for a short duration, but both got definitive care, and got transported to facilities they needed."

Cerce said "It was quite a thing to see because all the people were just stopped, looked and horrified."

But thanks to fast action from first responders, both PMC riders were safely transported to area hospitals.

"That's what we are trained as paramedics to do," Burns said. "It's great to make a difference."

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