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Plymouth Mom Sues FedEx After Suspected Drug Dealers Go To Her Home

PLYMOUTH (CBS) - A Plymouth woman is suing FedEx claiming the company put her safety at risk and violated her privacy.

A package containing several pounds of marijuana mistakenly arrived at the doorstep of Maryangela Tobin, a package she thought was a birthday present for her daughter. "There were candles, pixie sticks and peppermint, and something we thought was potpourri," she said.

But the vacuum packed bags beneath were narcotics and Plymouth police called the company to flag the package saying the recipient could be a risk. But an hour later, Tobin says a man was knocking at her front door looking for the package, with two other men sitting in a vehicle in her driveway. She says FedEx gave away her address, and led the suspected dealers to her house.

"I knew it was the person looking for the package, I was very nervous." She walked to the front door and bolted it, slamming the front door in the process while she says the man repeatedly asked if FedEx had picked up the package.

It was already in the hands of police, and now she believes the damage has been done, concerned whoever wanted the drugs knows where she lives. "I feel like the safety of my daughters and myself was invaded and it makes things complicated. If you've ever been in a position of being so scared in your home and having something like that happen. I walk into my house first every time, my kids don't," she said.

The suit claims FedEx disclosed the address "despite explicit Police advisory against such disclosures" and violated Massachusetts privacy laws.

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