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Phantom Gourmet: Lulu's In Allston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Some days you just want to dive into a big bowl of Mac and Cheese topped with a hearty pile of short ribs. And a juicy burger with a side of hand cut fries. Maybe you need some wings, and some soft pretzel bites with warm cheese sauce too.

If you're in a comfort food kind of mood, Lulu's in Allston is the place to be.

Since opening a couple years ago, Lulu's has quickly become a neighborhood favorite, thanks to its big and bright dining room and laid back bar with fifty craft beers on draft.

Tater tots at Lulu's.

It's the kind of place that just makes you feel comfortable--and as soon as you get a taste of Chef Sarah Wade's creative flavor packed dishes, you'll want to stay and eat the day away.

"Don't come here if you're really really watching your waistline," says Wade. "We have good salads on the menu, don't get me wrong, but you come here to splurge and have a good time and break that diet once a week and let up be the cheat day."

Mac and cheese, proudly made with Velveeta. (WBZ-TV)

And there's plenty of guilty pleasures here that gaurantee to satisfy, from fried chicken to pizza to mac and cheese proudly made with Velveeta.

"Nope, no shame, no shame in Velveeta," says Wade. "You want to know what? It's good stuff."

Brunch served at Lulu's. (WBZ-TV)

No matter what time you get a craving for all this great food, you're in luck. They serve dinner every night until one a.m., and on the weekends, there's an over-the-top brunch, too, making Lulu's the kind of place customers love to come back to.

"It's cool to be in a spot where you have so many regulars and so many people that come back in over and over and over again," says Wade. "It's very exciting that we feel like we're a part of the neighborhood, and that the neighborhood loves us and has appriciated us. It's nice to be able to walk out and see people that you recognize. So it's pretty exciting."

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