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Kowloon stabbing victim Patrick Kenney was wearing lanyard with knife attached, I-Team sources say

I-Team: Victim in Kowloon stabbing was wearing lanyard with knife attached
I-Team: Victim in Kowloon stabbing was wearing lanyard with knife attached 01:49

SAUGUS -  A man fatally stabbed at the Kowloon restaurant in Saugus over the weekend was wearing a lanyard with a knife attached when he was fatally injured, sources tell the WBZ I-Team.

The victim, Patrick Kenney, Jr., 42, of Milton, was found in the Kowloon parking lot after 9 p.m. and rushed to the hospital. He was pronounced dead at Mass General Hospital. 

Police on scene at Kowloon Restaurant CBS Boston

"This incident appears to be accidental, and no additional parties are believed to be involved," the Essex County District Attorney's Office said in a statement. However, the statement did not say how the accident happened, only that the incident was still being investigated.

This comes less than two weeks after a brawl broke at Kowloon on Thanksgiving eve.  

"Shocking. Back-to-back weekends here. I don't know what's going on with the Kowloon. I think they gotta tighten up security," said patron Mark Sheehan who arrived just after the stabbing happened.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family. Nothing else matters at this time. We ask that people don't jump to conclusions until an investigation is completed," said a Kowloon Restaurant spokesperson.

"Out family is mourning the loss of Patrick, focused on his wife Lauren and two young children, and trying to make sense of this horrific tragedy," said Kenney's family in a statement. "Patrick was a loving father and husband, brother, son and loyal friend to many. This is a horrible tragedy."  

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