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Parent Tossed From High School Hockey Game For Aiming Laser Pointer At Goalie

WINTHROP (CBS) — Medway-Ashland's girls high school hockey team lost their appeal of their playoff loss Friday, after a parent was tossed from the game for aiming a laser pointer into the eyes of their goalie.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Rod Fritz reports


Winthrop beat Medway-Ashland 3-1 on Wednesday at Larsen Rink.

The score was tied 1-1 in the third period when the father of a Winthrop player was caught pointing the laser at the Medway-Ashland goalie.

It's kind of like when you look at the sun and then you look away you see that spot and you can't see for a couple of seconds. You shake your head and try to get it out of the system and just keep focusing, but it's difficult," Medway-Ashland goalie Kathryn Hamer told WBZ-TV.

Winthrop assistant superintendent Lisa Howard went into the stands and ordered the parent out of the arena.

Parents of the Medway-Ashland players asked that the third period be replayed.

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association spokesman Paul Wetzel told WBZ the appeal was rejected Friday afternoon.

Web Exclusive: Read The Appeal Rejection Letter (.pdf)

Winthrop will play Braintree as scheduled Saturday.

Winthrop superintendent John Macero said the father has been barred from all events involving Winthrop High School.

"I don't know what the person was thinking," Macero told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday.

"Why would you do that to both teams? Both teams, they've earned the right, Medway girls, the Winthrop girls, to have this opportunity to perform in a game and for someone to come in and do that inappropriate action was uncalled for."

WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong reports

"I think it's important for Medway to understand that we are just as upset at this situation too, because it kind of puts a black eye on Winthrop and those kids don't deserve that, neither does Medway."

Macero said he may explore the possibility of criminal charges against the man.

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