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NFLPA Reports 59 Players -- Not 95 Players -- With Positive COVID-19 Tests

BOSTON (CBS) -- NFL players will commence their coronavirus testing upon reporting to team facilities in the coming days. Already, though, several dozen players have tested positive for the virus during the pandemic.

The NFLPA reported that 59 NFL players have known positive tests thus far.

The number the NFLPA had previously reported was 95 players, though the union corrected that number on Tuesday to remove non-players within the league who had tested positive.

TMZ reported on the numbers, stating that sources indicated that the league is expecting "big numbers" for positive tests as players show up for training camp.

"With players and staff starting to report and get tested, there's the expectation that the number of positive tests will be in the hundreds," one source told TMZ.

In a sport like football, where close contact is unavoidable, the NFL will need a rock-solid plan on handling those positive tests, in order to prevent a widespread proliferation of the virus that could put the entire 2020 season in jeopardy.

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