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Natick Police Search For Couple Who Took Child To Rob Toy Store

NATICK (CBS) - What would a superhero think?

That's the question police are asking of a couple who took a child to a toy store, stole toys off of shelves near a "Superheroes" sign and then walked out.

"It's just plain stealing," Natick Police said in a Facebook post. Now, police are trying to identify the couple.

Store surveillance video shows a man wearing a light-blue or gray-colored T-shirt and baseball cap and the woman, wearing a purple T-shirt and her red hair up in a bun, stealing toys and then putting them into shopping bags. The man also has a tattoo on his right upper arm.

Natick toy store robbers
Natick police are searching for a couple who took a child to a toy store, stole toys off of shelves and then walked out. (Photo: Natick Police Department)

The woman conspired "as a blocker to shield the activity from customers and store personnel," police said. 

"We are left with the task of identifying them so the store can be made whole and DCF can look into their lifestyle," police said.

Natick toy store robbers side view
Police are searching for this couple. (Photo: Natick Police Department)

Anyone with information on the couple or their identities is asked to call Natick detectives at 508-647-9520. People can also report anonymously using the police department's online reporting system.

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