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MSPCA 'Overwhelmed' With Birds After Large Back-To-Back Surrenders, Looking For Adopters

METHUEN (CBS) -- The MSPCA says it is overwhelmed with birds after back-to-back surrenders and is now putting out an urgent call for adoptions.

Last week almost 50 lovebirds, conures and parakeets were rescued from a Norfolk County home. Back in August, 87 chickens were removed from "deplorable" conditions at a Webster farm where they did not have access to fresh food and water.

The MSPCA said the coronavirus pandemic could play to its advantage - the rescued chickens are all hens and lay eggs at a time when people are looking for different food sources.

Some of the chickens were in rough shape and the MSPCA says it is working to get them healthy.

Anyone interested in adopting birds can visit

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