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Mermaid Sand Sculpture Draws Controversy In Yarmouth

YARMOUTH (CBS) - A sand sculpture of a mermaid featured outside of Salty's Diner is drawing controversy.

The restaurant's owner, Ray Roy, says he hired an acclaimed sand sculptor to help decorate his business as part of a Yarmouth Summer Celebration. The sculpture depicts Salty's logo, a mermaid riding a lobster.

Some residents, however, find the voluptuous mermaid in a sea-shell bikini in poor taste.

Roy says he asked the sculptor to make the mermaid skinnier and bustier.

"I felt that nobody knows what a mermaid looks like. Nobody's ever seen a mermaid and I wanted something totally different," Roy said.

Sand sculptures can be seen all around Yarmouth as part of the summer celebration, but the controversy started when the Yarmouth Police Department posted a picture of the mermaid on its Facebook page with the caption, "Yarmouth sand sculpture of the day."

"Some thought it was funny, some took offense to it, so we removed it from our Facebook post," said Sgt. Walter Warren.

The post was taken down after complaints to the department, Town Hall, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Still, some spectators told WBZ they thought the mermaid was more picturesque than pornographic.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I think it's perfectly fine," one woman said.

"I love the voluptuous mermaid," another woman said, though through some laughter.

Roy said he isn't budging and the busty mermaid will be back next year.

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