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MBTA Green Line slowdown remains in place

MBTA says slowdown on Green Line will "remain in place"
MBTA says slowdown on Green Line will "remain in place" 01:20

BOSTON - Although the MBTA had said it would be lifting speed restrictions on the Green Line, it announced Sunday that the speed restrictions on the Green Line will remain in place for another day.

The MBTA said that while crews were running a test train in areas where track defects were found on the Green Line, they identified speed signs that needed to be moved so block restrictions could go ahead. The global speed restriction will stay in place until crews move the signs.

On Sunday, the organization said crews are running a test train, resulting in speed restrictions.

The MBTA's interim general manager pledged last week to make sure a system-wide slowdown "never happens again."

It's been slow-going for riders on the MBTA for the past week. The MBTA briefly implemented speed restrictions to 10-25 mph last Thursday because of "inadequate" documentation of track defects. The issue was raised after a Department of Public Utilities site visit on the Red Line.

"As we go forward, and as we are going through this process, we are ensuring that the information that we are collecting, and that the verification and validation process is precise, and because of that it does take time," Interim MBTA GM Jeff Gonneville said during a press conference on Friday.

"Each one of these very specific defects has a detailed series of measurements that needs to be taken at every one of these individual locations," he continued. "That takes time. And it takes time to also do that in between running trains that we are doing every single day."

MBTA optimistic it will lift speed restrictions on Green Line 02:25

Speed restrictions are no longer in place for the entirety of any line except for the Green Line, but there are still certain spots on the Red, Orange, Blue and Mattapan lines where trains must slow down.

The frustration of riders is tangible, noticing the longer commute. "I was on the Red Line today and it felt like I could have walked faster," said Alexis Santos of Boston. 

"It is an inconvenience for everybody taking it, but obviously safety comes first," said Dana Schuh of Cambridge, "but if they could speed up the process, that would be great." 

Gonneville said the T is "taking a conservative approach" to fixing the problem and prioritizing rider safety. He said the global slowdown on the Green Line is expected to be lifted on Saturday, and other speed restrictions will go away in the coming days.

"As we continue to verify and validate track conditions, I will report on our findings, and I will take the necessary actions to ensure that this never happens again," he said.

The MBTA said riders who plan to attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston should leave extra time for travel delays and pre-load Charlie cards to avoid having to stand in line at fare stations. From 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m., a free shuttle will provide service between South Station and South Boston.

The MBTA's St. Patrick's Day Riders' Guide at 

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