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Parts Of Massachusetts Expecting Up To A Foot Of Snow In Super Bowl Sunday Storm

BOSTON (CBS) -- All eyes in the weather center are on Sunday's predictions. No, not the Super Bowl... but the expected snowfall! February is Boston's second snowiest month, and the upcoming pattern looks like Mother Nature knows it.

Sunday's snow is a quick-mover. During the height of the storm, snowfall rates will be between 1-2" per hour. The snow should taper off after sunset. All said and done, it'll be about 8-10 hours of snow before clearing begins for Monday.

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for the Cape, along with Bristol and Plymouth County. These are the areas where the heaviest snow is likely. Winter Weather Advisories have been issued for the rest of the viewing area, where lesser snow totals are expected.

2020 Winter Storm Warnings SNE (2)
(WBZ-TV Graphic)

For most of this season, the I-95/Route 128 corridor has been used as a dividing line for rain and snow -- the Cape gets the rain, Worcester County gets the snow. Roles are a bit reversed this storm. 128 will serve as an approximate cutoff between some of the heaviest snow totals.

Bristol and Plymouth County out into the Cape should expect 4-8+ inches of snow, with some towns getting an intense snow band that could move the totals to more than a foot.

Two-to-4 inches of snow is expected for Metrowest into Worcester and Middlesex County. Cape Ann could see some additional enhancement, so slightly higher totals are possible, up to 6+ inches.

(WBZ-TV Graphic)

Since this storm is a quick-hitter, the biggest impacts will be felt on the road from the heavy afternoon snowfall. Rain and wind are both low impacts overall.

The overall pattern for storms is becoming more conducive to continued snow chances into the upcoming week. As a cold airmass settles into New England, multiple waves will try to tap into that cold. The WBZ Weather Team is watching Tuesday and Friday time-frame for possible additional snowfall.

The WBZ Weather Team is watching Tuesday and Friday time-frame for possible additional snowfall.

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