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Massachusetts Could Fully Reopen Before August 1 If People 'Do The Right Things,' Baker Says

BOSTON (CBS) – Gov. Charlie Baker said that while Massachusetts is currently scheduled to lift COVID restrictions August 1, if people continue to "do the right things," that date could be moved up sooner.

Baker made the remarks Thursday when asked about the announcement that New York City plans to fully reopen on July 1.

"It depends a lot on what happens in the month of May," Baker said. "If people continue to get vaccinated in Massachusetts, if people continue to do the right things, if people continue to do the work that we all know will reduce case counts, reduce hospitalizations, and make this Commonwealth a safer, better place, we'll take a look at where we are and make a decision as we go about whether we can move that date up."

When Baker announced Tuesday that Massachusetts is beginning the final stages of its reopening plan, the state said it plans to lift all restrictions August 1, pending health and vaccination metrics.

"We felt we were sure we would be in a good place by August 1. But if the people in Massachusetts continue to be as aggressive and as enthusiastic about getting vaccinated as they've been, we may have the ability to do that sooner," Baker said. "Every state is in a slightly different place, and I think it's really important for everybody to pay attention to the information in their own state."

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