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36,723 Total Breakthrough COVID Cases Reported In Massachusetts, Just 0.80% Of Vaccinated People

BOSTON (CBS) – The number of breakthrough COVID cases in Massachusetts increased by 4,738 this week, but the number remains less than 1% of all vaccinated residents.

On Tuesday, the state released its weekly report on the number of cases in vaccinated people.

The cumulative count this week was 36,723 people, which is just 0.80% of the 4.6 million people in Massachusetts who are fully vaccinated.

Last week, the state reported 32,345 breakthrough cases.

Of the breakthrough cases, a cumulative total of 1,155 vaccinated people had been hospitalized as of Saturday, which is up from 1,001 the previous week. Still, that accounts for only 0.03% of vaccinated Massachusetts residents.

There have been a total of 254 deaths in vaccinated people, up from 217 last week, which marks 0.006% of those who have received the COVID vaccine.

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