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Tolls at the Massachusetts border? Not happening, Healey says

Governor reacts to Massachusetts border toll suggestion
Governor reacts to Massachusetts border toll suggestion 00:17

BOSTON - Gov. Maura Healey is knocking down a suggestion by her own transportation secretary that Massachusetts could consider implementing tolls at its borders. 

Secretary Monica Tibbits-Nutt told advocacy group Walk Boston earlier this month that border tolls are being weighed by a task force to raise money for transportation in Massachusetts.

"I'm going to talk about tolling," Tibbits-Nutt says on video about what the task force is considering. "And when I'm talking tolling, I'm talking at the borders. I'm not talking within Massachusetts."

Healey says she's not proposing tolls at any border

MassDOT told CommonWealth Beacon after the secretary's talk that "tolling at all Massachusetts borders" was being reviewed as a possible revenue source. But Healey made it clear on Monday that she's not looking to add border tolls.

"The Secretary's comments do not represent the views of this administration, and to be clear, I am not proposing tolls at any border," Healey said in a statement. "I have spoken to the Secretary and made that clear, and that I have confidence in her leadership moving forward in this important time as we work to ensure a strong and robust state transportation system."

State Auditor Diana DiZoglio also pushed back on the tolling suggestion.

"Creating a border war is not the answer and it's definitely families within Massachusetts who would ultimately be hurt by this move," she posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. 

Budget concerns in Massachusetts

Healey introduced a freeze on some state hiring through June 30. There are concerns that the budget approved for the fiscal year will exceed tax revenue brought in by Massachusetts.

Tibbits-Nutt talked about "going after everybody who has money" to raise transportation funds. Healey in her statement touted recent tax cuts and making the state more competitive. 

"Our top priorities are making Massachusetts a more affordable place and bringing people together to get things done," Healey said. 

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