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Martha's Vineyard Coronavirus Cluster: 9 Cases Traced Back To Wedding

TISBURY (CBS) -- A new outbreak of the coronavirus on Martha's Vineyard has been linked to a wedding. The Tisbury Board of Health said Thursday that nine cases have been traced back to the event held in early October, and it should serve as a "cautionary note" for anyone thinking of attending or hosting family gatherings.

Tisbury Board of Health agent Maura Valley told WBZ-TV that seven cases were reported on Martha's Vineyard and two are out-of-state wedding guests who were diagnosed after leaving the island.

The exact location of the wedding is not being revealed due to privacy concerns on the small island.

"This cluster should serve as a cautionary note for families with college and university students who will soon be returning home for the Thanksgiving holiday," the Board of Health said in a statement.

The board is urging people to avoid large gatherings whenever possible. Outdoor gatherings at private residences are capped at 50 people, while outdoor gatherings in public settings and at event venues are limited to 100.

Martha's Vineyard is currently designated as a low risk community.


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