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Family Grateful After Jeep Prevents Falling Tree From Landing On Home

WAREHAM (CBS) – This might sound odd. But one man is grateful that a large tree smashed into his jeep during Friday's nor'easter.

The reason? The vehicle may have prevented something far worse from happening.

It's not often that you celebrate your choice of parking spots. But Glenn Sharpe has good reason to -- and so do his mom and sister.

"The noise was so loud it sounded like the whole house exploded," Deborah Watson said.

It was Friday night during the peak of the nor'easter that left damage around southern New England. Sharpe had driven to East Wareham to help his family get through the storm, so he parked his jeep in the driveway.

"If I had parked it anywhere else I thought I should have parked it, we would have had a different story for you," Sharpe said.

Wareham Tree
Glenn Sharpe feels lucky about where he parked his jeep during a storm. (WBZ-TV)

When a large pine was uprooted, it fell across the jeep, which acted like a wedge and kept the tree from slamming into the house.

"They could have been seriously injured or killed," Sharpe said.

His mom and sister were in a corner bedroom, which could've taken a direct hit.

"We feel good now. We have our lives. So we're happy," Sharpe's mother said.

Wareham Tree
Thanks to a man's jeep, this tree didn't come crashing onto a Wareham home. (WBZ-TV)

Crews will now be tasked to figure out how they'll remove the tree that now leans precariously over Watson's rooftop.

Watson knows her good fortune is rooted in her son's jeep.

"If that wasn't there, I wouldn't be here," she said.

Wareham Tree
A man's jeep prevented a falling tree from landing on a Wareham home. (WBZ-TV)

Glenn hasn't been able to reach his insurance company yet.

He's hoping he'll only need a new fender. But if it's worse than it looks, he's okay with that too.

"I'm just grateful I parked there. I'm sure I can get another vehicle," Sharpe said.

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