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'Lois Lane' Returned To Worcester Comic Book Shop

WORCESTER (CBS) – Lois Lane is back at her rightful place outside a comic book shop in Worcester. As the sign was returned Wednesday afternoon, even city officials acknowledged it was more than a sign.

"She's back, she's been rescued," said Jim Kempton of Worcester Public Works.

Of course, Superman's comic book girlfriend has a long history of that which is what prompted That's Entertainment, a pop culture store, to request the name change for its side street back in 2012.

"I made the joke six years ago that that sign won't last three weeks, because every kid at WPI is going to want one," Kempton said.

Lois Lane
Lois Lane in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

But it endured, becoming an iconic selfie spot for local and visiting geeks until last month when it vanished during new sidewalk construction.

Convinced some geek had swiped it for their private collection, the store and the city had already ordered a replacement.

Good fortune struck a few days ago when the brother of a longtime customer spotted the sign dumped in a junk pile a couple of miles away behind a shopping center in Webster Square. The finder apparently had no clue.

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