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Jurors see Karen Read, John O'Keefe in bar surveillance video hours before alleged murder

Surveillance video shows Karen Read, John O'Keefe in bar hours before alleged murder
Surveillance video shows Karen Read, John O'Keefe in bar hours before alleged murder 02:07

BOSTON – Karen Read's high-profile Massachusetts murder trial continued on Wednesday with jurors hearing from witnesses in the case other than Canton police for the first time in days. 

The jury got a look at the body language between Read and her Boston police officer boyfriend John O'Keefe just hours before his death in 2022.

Surveillance video from inside C.F. McCarthy's pub in Canton shows Read arriving while O'Keefe drank beers with friends.

Surveillance video from inside CF McCarthy's in Canton. CBS Boston

Friends who were out with the pair testified to their demeanor. 

"Would you describe their interactions to be normal, caring and affectionate?" defense attorney Alan Jackson asked.

"Yes," said Michael Camerano, who was out with the group.

More surveillance video was shown from the Waterfall Bar & Grille in Canton, where the couple met up with more friends.

"They were affectionate toward each other, loving toward each other, to the point where my wife even made a comment, 'why are you not like that with me?'" said Nicholas Kolokithas, a Canton resident who was out with the group.

Inside the Waterfall with them was fellow Boston police officer Brian Albert, who owns 34 Fairview Road, the Canton home where the group ended up going after and where O'Keefe was later found dead outside.

Defense attorneys showed more surveillance video in their cross examination, including a clip where Brian Albert and ATF agent Brian Higgins were seemingly play-fighting in the bar before the after party.

"It speaks for itself," Read's attorney Alan Jackson said outside court about the video. "Two guys grappling, sparring, looking like they're fighting. Practicing fighting techniques. You tell me."

The defense claims O'Keefe died in a fight rather than being hit by Read's SUV.

Karen Read surveillance
Surveillance video from Waterfall Bar & Grille in Canton shows Brian Albert and Brian Higgins seemingly play-fighting CBS Boston

A bartender who served the group also testified, agreeing with the defense that nobody in the group appeared to seem "highly intoxicated" at the bar.

Jurors also got to hear from the friend who answered Read's frantic call the following morning, looking for O'Keefe.

"She was just screaming, 'Where's Mike? Where's Mike?" Katherine Camerano testified. 

Camerano later learns while texting with Read that O'Keefe was found in the snow.

"He's dead," Read texted at 6:34 a.m., later adding "He was in the snow." 

Who is Karen Read?

Read, a 45-year-old Massachusetts woman, is facing charges that include second-degree murder, leaving the scene of personal injury and death, and manslaughter while operating under the influence of alcohol.

Read pleaded not guilty in the case. Read's attorneys argue she is being framed as part of a coverup that includes law enforcement.

Prosecutors from the Norfolk District Attorney's office say Read hit Boston police officer O'Keefe with her SUV after a night of drinking and left him to die in the snow. Read and O'Keefe were dating at the time of his death.

The trial is taking place inside Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham.

Previous witness accused of perjury 

Judge Beverly Cannone is expected to weigh in this week on previous testimony from Canton firefighter-paramedic Katie McLaughlin.

Read's attorneys have raised concerns about photos they say show McLaughlin committed perjury. McLaughlin testified last week that she is an acquaintance, not a friend, of Caitlin Albert, whose father is Brian Albert.

Witness Katie McLaughlin speaks during the Karen Read trial, Thursday, May 2, 2024.  David McGlynn/New York Post via AP, Pool

O'Keefe's body was found on the lawn of Brian Albert's home.

Defense attorney David Yannetti said he received photographs following McLaughlin's testimony. He told Cannone the photos show McLaughlin and Caitlin Albert are friends.

"It's very clear that Katie McLaughlin perjured herself," Yannetti said on Monday during a discussion in the courtroom without jurors present.

Cannone told Yannetti she would hear the new information without the jury present in the coming days. Yannetti asked for the discussion to happen soon, because Caitlin Albert is expected to be called as a witness this week.

What happened so far this week in the Karen Read case?

Several police officers took the stand this week to explain how they processed evidence following O'Keefe's death. On cross-examination, Read's attorneys focused on what they say was improper collection of evidence.

Canton Police Sgt. Michael Lank was also questioned about a 2002 incident where he was involved in an off-duty fight on behalf of Brian Albert. Defense attorneys argue the incident shows Lank would be willing to show favor to the Albert family. Lank denied that it had any impact on his handling of O'Keefe's death.  

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