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'It's Heartless': Dog Severely Injured In Peabody Attack

PEABODY (CBS) – Police believe a surveillance photo could help them find a pet owner and her two dogs after an attack. The pair of dogs apparently went after another dog in its own yard and seriously injured it.

"Every time I look at him, I hurt, you know because it's not fair," Mishelle Simmonds said of her Shih Tzu Marcus, who looks and behaves like a different dog after the traumatic attack in his own Peabody yard.

Saturday morning his owners heard barking then whimpering.

Dog attack
Marcus was attacked by two dogs in Peabody (WBZ-TV)

"His eye socket was ripped out, basically hanging by a string. His face was bloodied," Jason Simmonds said.

Surveillance images showed a woman walking two dogs by the house on Pierpont Street. One or both of the dogs got to Marcus through a small gap beneath the gate.

"Someone with animals, with dogs, you would just walk away and not even come back to check on him? It's hurtful. We should be looking out for each other," said Mishelle.

Dog attack
Surveillance image of two dogs suspected of attacking a smaller dog in Peabody (WBZ-TV)

The family caught up with the dog owner briefly when it happened. They showed Marcus' bloody injuries and jumped in the car for the vet. They asked the woman to leave her information, but came home to an empty mailbox.

"I kept believing naively she would come forward and acknowledge her role in the situation, but she never did," Jason said.

"A little bit of 'I'm sorry' would have gone a long way. I can't afford it. I would have worked with you," Mishelle said.

The dog owner told another neighbor she moved here recently from out of state. Now Peabody Animal Control is seeking information from anyone who recognizes her or the dogs.

"It's heartless. That's what I call this person. Heartless," Mishelle said.

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