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Pets Displaced By Hurricane Irma Ready For New Homes In Massachusetts

NORTH BROOKFIELD (CBS) – Out of the destruction of Hurricane Irma, some of the storm's cutest displaced creatures are being prepared for new homes miles away from their painful past.

A plane full of about 30 dogs and a second plane with some 70 cats landed in New England this week.

Dogs are in need of new homes following Hurricane Irma. (WBZ-TV)

They're now under quarantine in a shelter in North Brookfield, Mass.

"Some of them have settled right in and are doing great," said the executive director of North Brookfield's Second Chance shelter, Sheryl Blancato. "Others are in their cage like, 'Where am I?'"

The shelter is in a unique position to help, because it has a built-in veterinary facility.

North Brookfield's Second Chance shelter. (WBZ-TV)

After 48 hours of separation from other animals and people, those that came from Florida with special medical needs will get the treatment they need before they're put up for adoption.

"These are all animals that were in shelters already, so they were already homeless," said Blancato.

Irma Dogs
A dog rescued following Hurricane Irma gets care at North Brookfield's Second Chance shelter. (WBZ_TV)

Some were displaced when their shelters were damaged by the storm. Others had to be moved out to make room for so many other stranded pets moving in.

"Everybody loves a story behind their animal," said Blancato. "They should be up for adoption probably starting next week."

Anyone interested can find applications and photos at the Second Chance website and Facebook page. There's also a GoFundMe campaign linked to those pages to help pay for the hurricane pet rescue mission.

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