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High Hopes Ahead Of Unprecedented US-North Korea Summit

BOSTON (CBS) - In New England, there are high hopes the meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will produce a peaceful outcome.

A handful of people holding signs saying things like "Negotiate Don't Escalate" tried to drum up support for the US-North Korea summit in front of Monday evening commuters outside the Park Street T stop.

"I'm really hoping good things happen from this summit," said Susan McLucas, a resident of Somerville who attended the rally.

They're hoping President Trump can push forward a peace treaty and begin the process of removing nuclear weapons from the peninsula.

Korea Summit
People gathered outside Park Street T Stop with signs promoting peace. (WBZ-TV)

"Trump is shaking it up, I don't have confidence in him to pull it in, but right now he's more right than wrong," said Cole Harrison of Massachusetts Peace Action.

For Keumjoo Armstrong it's not just political it's personal. "We are a group of Korean Americans," said Armstrong, a resident of Hingham. "I'm very, very excited for this summit, this is really historic."

Her parents, both in their 80s now, fled North Korea during the war in the 1950s. They haven't been back since and still have relatives in the country.

"They have been longing for returning home for their whole life," Armstrong said. "I hope they are able to return home sometime soon."

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